Published Articles

The GP MP, the reporter and the manicure gone wrong

How Dr Phelps helped diagnose a serious infection mid-interview with a TV journalist.
07 February 2019

ICU stethoscopes are teeming with bacteria

More than half are infected and cleaning doesn't always work.
13 December 2018

Which airport surface harbours most respiratory viruses?

A shot of hand sanitiser could help stem infections, say authors.
05 September 2018

3 almost untreatable superbugs uncovered in Australia

Three strains of multi-drug resistant Staphylococcus epidermidis have been found
03 September 2018

History: How surgical gloves came to be

The story of how rubber surgical gloves came to be
27 July 2018

Woman loses toenails after fish pedicure

Dermatologists say the practice is fraught with risk
04 July 2018

Another reason to confirm or rule out penicillin allergy

There's an increased risk of MRSA and C. diff in these patients
29 June 2018

Should we bring back the white coat?

Study finds what doctors wear matters to patients
07 June 2018

The downside of PrEP use

Rapid uptake has been accompanied by a rise in condomless sex
06 June 2018