Published Articles

Flu raises chance of stroke and persists for a year

The risk is particularly high in the fortnight afterwards, study finds.
04 February 2019

Call for colonoscopies after enterococcal infection

Three-quarters of patients tested are found to have colon cancer, an Australian study shows.
01 February 2019

5 times it's okay to prescribe short-course antibiotics

Many shorter courses of treatment work just as well as longer ones for common illnesses, says expert.
31 January 2019

Paramedics' handwashing habits 'remarkably low'

Overreliance on gloves indicates a tendency towards self-protection instead of patient protection, say study authors.
29 January 2019

Probiotics 'ineffective' for gastroenteritis in children

A key ingredient in many products is no better at stopping symptoms than placebo, study finds.
22 November 2018

History: When doctors used deadly diseases to fight other deadly diseases

Dr Julius Wagner-Jauregg was awarded a Nobel Prize for infecting patients with malaria.
31 October 2018

Herpes may be behind half of Alzheimer's cases

But the study shows the link only applies to those who have had a severe HSV1 infection
22 October 2018

Borne to be mild: Flu season is officially over

Upswing in vaccinations helps to avoid a repeat of last year's 'brutal' season.
22 October 2018

Holy sheet! Laundering hospital linen fails to remove all C. diff

Only around 35% of the spores are removed in the process.
17 October 2018

Nose picking found to spread pneumococcus

Hand-to-nose bacterial transmission is possible, study finds.
16 October 2018