'Deeply concerning': Anti-vaxxers partly to blame for surge in measles

Complacency, 'falsehoods' and stalling immunisation rates are behind the worldwide increase, says expert.
06 December 2018

Flu vax prevents 1 in 5 deaths, ICU admissions

Large study confirms protective effect in vaccinated people who go on to contract the virus.
29 November 2018

Campaign urges patients to seek GP advice on meningoccocal vax

Government-funded video released following death of seven-year-old boy.
13 November 2018

Flu myth busted: Vaccine effectiveness unchanged with annual jabs

The findings support recommendations for vaccinating children annually: study
30 October 2018

Pertussis vaccine at birth is safe, say Aussie researchers

Newborn dose 'significantly narrows the immunity gap'.
11 September 2018

8 flu facts about the 2018 season

So far it's a different story to last year's horror epidemic  
09 August 2018

Concern over declining pneumococcal vax rates

Experts want GPs to be looking opportunistically to vaccinate those at risk
14 May 2018

Why mumps has made a comeback

Scientists say a third dose of vaccine may be needed
27 March 2018

9 fast facts on the new flu vaccines

They have been designed specifically for the elderly
19 February 2018