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New STI test may help doctors tailor treatment

This Aussie-developed test for patients with gonorrhoea aims to stop antibiotic resistance.
08 February 2019

HIV in Australia: 5 facts

'Concerning' rise among heterosexuals, according to the Kirby report.
21 September 2018

One-off: Condoms are single use only, advises US health agency

Apparently people have been washing and reusing them
02 August 2018

What you need to know about Mycoplasma genitalium

It's mostly asymptomatic in women
12 July 2018

How would you manage this patient’s reaction?

She has just been treated for syphilis
08 June 2018

7 tips for managing bacterial vaginosis

Avoid stat or single-dose treatments as they are ineffective
09 May 2018

Multidrug-resistant STI reaches Australia

Even ceftriaxone is no longer effective against this strain of N. gonorrhoeae
23 April 2018

What you need to know about major STI management changes

New guidelines proposed for primary care
06 April 2018

10 things you should know about M. genitalium

There is a new diagnostic test for the STI but it's not widely available
18 January 2018