Published Articles

Egg-timer tests deemed useless

Biomarkers of ovarian reserve, commonly known as egg-timer tests, don't actually predict fertility in older women looking to conceive, say US fertility experts.
12 October 2017

'Damning report' into PCOS care

Women with polycystic ovary syndrome are waiting years for diagnosis
02 December 2016

New pre-IVF genetic test used in Australia for first time

Genetic mutations leading to cystic fibrosis, haemophilia and breast cancer are among those that can be identified
12 August 2015

Grandmother loses bid to give birth to grandchild

The UK High Court has turned down her request to use her dead daughter’s frozen eggs to start a second family
18 June 2015

British teens get access to ‘pill of shame’

“Part of the UK deal is that the girls are subjected to uncomfortable and embarrassing questioning by their pharmacists”
17 June 2015

NSAIDs act like a contraceptive

New findings highlight the harmful effects these drugs may have on fertility
16 June 2015