Published Articles

Measles makes a comeback due to patchy vaccination - EU

Immunisation rates vary from below 70% to above 95% across the 53 member states
22 August 2018

Call for mandatory flu vaccinations for clinicians

Immunologists want to see it as a condition of employment
15 March 2018

9 fast facts on the new flu vaccines

They have been designed specifically for the elderly
19 February 2018

Large study confirms sixfold increase in heart attack risk

More evidence to support flu vaccination for at-risk patients
25 January 2018

Flu may be spread just by breathing

It is easier to spread the influenza virus than previously thought, with the latest evidence confirming that contamination can occur through exhaled breath.
24 January 2018

Flu shot less effective than usual

It is still unclear why this season's vaccine is not as effective as previous years. Authorities are now investigating alternative options, particularly for the elderly.
20 September 2017