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Study says no to glucose monitoring

Why it should not be routine for non-insulin-dependent T2DM patients
14 June 2017

Why so many type 2 patients shun insulin

Australian study exposes multiple myths about the treatment
31 March 2017

GP found guilty of murdering wife

There were eight key pieces of evidence that pointed to his guilt
09 December 2016

Sydney GP awaits his murder trial verdict

The marriage was ‘not so toxic as to drive him to want to kill her’, a judge was told
11 November 2016

Accused GP said he found wife dead

He denies killing her with a lethal dose of insulin so that he could be with his lover
28 October 2016

GP accused of murdering wife with insulin

The court heard he injected her in the buttock so he could be with his lover
27 October 2016

Healthy body shape may hide bowel cancer clues

Study shows which slim people should be assessed for risk
23 September 2016

Study questions insulin use in type 2

It’s prescribed to millions of patients without proven benefit, authors say
12 July 2016