Published Articles

What should coronary heart disease patients do every 20 minutes?

They should stand up and do seven minutes of light exercise, research suggests.
22 October 2018

Sobering news: Aussies losing their taste for beer

Alcohol consumption has dropped to its lowest level since the 1960s
03 September 2018

Sick notes for hangovers? They're legit

Study shows work skills impaired the day after the night before
29 August 2018

Pass the shaker - salt's health reputation is improving

For those without heart disease sodium may not increase the risk of cardiovascular events, shows a trial of 96,000 adults
27 August 2018

Drink coffee as if your life depends on it

Yet another piece of research extols the virtues of this famous brew
04 July 2018

Focus on patients not GPs' work-life balance, Norman Swan tells practices

The ABC health reporter argues there is a poor service mentality in general practice
21 May 2018

Marriage may help stave off dementia

Marriage appears to lower the risk of developing dementia, according to the available evidence, which suggests that the risk is modifiable by lifestyle.
28 November 2017