Published Articles

Red light for green tea supplements

They can cause liver damage, says food safety watchdog
24 April 2018

Dodgy herbal supplements blamed for liver injury

Dodgy herbal supplements are a common cause of liver injury, with experts warning that bodybuilding and weight-loss products are some of the worst offenders.
25 October 2017

Screening for cirrhosis in high-risk patients

Yes? No? Liver specialists debate the issue
14 July 2017

New Aussie tool predicts liver disease

It is ‘freely available’ for all doctors, say its makers
18 May 2017

Spot diagnosis

Patient had an eight-month history of colicky pain, diarrhoea and occasional flushing
10 February 2017

New safety issues plague Hep C antivirals

Hundreds of cases of acute liver failure have been identified in the US
31 January 2017

Man develops acute hepatitis from energy drinks

A three-week binge resulted in liver damage and chronic hep C
04 November 2016

Doctor blames colleague for husband's death

She claims the specialist neglected to arrange a life-saving referral for treatment
09 July 2015

Decaf good for the liver

This news could be hard to swallow for coffee purists
13 October 2014