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How did low back treatment go so wrong?

Too many patients with low back pain are receiving the wrong care, according to a series of Lancet papers that highlight the extent to which the condition is mistreated, often against best practice guidelines.
21 March 2018

Should doctors recommend acupuncture for pain?

Two experts debate the issue
08 March 2018

Specialists reject diazepam for low back pain

This advice is based on five new recommendations
14 February 2018

How to pick a 'pain personality'

There are two common traits in people living with chronic pain
12 August 2017

3 recommendations for treating low back pain

An evidence-based guideline on the best non-invasive options
07 April 2017

Drugs don’t work for back pain

NSAIDs, paracetamol and codeine no better than placebo
03 February 2017

It’s a stretch to say yoga works for back pain

A Cochrane review shows it may actually exacerbate the problem
14 January 2017

Is this the final word on weather and joint pain?

George Institute studies 1350 Australians to find out the truth
11 January 2017

6 tips to protect the spine during sex

Recent evidence suggests spooning is the least effective position for back pain sufferers
05 November 2016