Published Articles

Don't use the word 'Lyme' anymore

Debilitating Symptom Complexes Attributed to Ticks (DSCATT) is the proposed alternative
17 November 2017

No Lyme disease in Australia: pathologists

Doctors who treat suspected cases with antibiotics have been labelled ‘unethical’
31 October 2016

GP in trouble over Lyme treatment

She was fined and sanctioned after a patient developed sepsis
25 October 2016

AHPRA denies targeting Lyme-disease practitioners

It has defended its role in protecting patients against unsafe practices and financial exploitation
20 April 2016

GP fears for Lyme disease patients

He says Australia is facing a hidden epidemic akin to the AIDs epidemic in the 80s
15 April 2016

GP has six weeks to make good or be suspended

He has been banned from practising homeopathic medicine and must find a doctor buddy by early April
02 March 2016

Senator laments treatment of ‘Lyme disease patients’

He says Australians are 'being treated worse than a dog riddled with mange'
13 January 2016