Published Articles

33 new MBS items make the A-list

Heart disease, epilepsy and stroke patients are set to benefit
01 November 2017

Make 'urgent' after-hours items GP-only

MBS review says medical deputisers should be banned from claiming these
08 June 2017

Reining in excessive specialist fees

It’s time patients are told who charges what, say health policy experts
06 March 2017

Administrative chaos after ‘bungled’ MBS roll-out

Confusion reigns supreme over new skin cancer item numbers
23 November 2016

AMA calls on GPs to raise fees

This is because they are working ‘longer and harder’
20 October 2016

Mandatory MBS tests on the cards

Doctors would have to pass in order to secure a provider number
13 September 2016

Doctor doesn’t always know best: Gannon

But Dr Google is “worrying”, says the AMA president
18 August 2016

Freeze means $109,000 hit for full-time GPs

Even after 2020, the lost years of indexation will mean an ongoing annual hit of about $40,000
08 June 2016

Shorten government would end freeze on Medicare rebates

The ending of the freeze on rebates would apply to all services provided by GPs, allied health and other health practitioners, and specialists
20 May 2016