Published Articles

New medical school seen as a 'cash grab'

It has also been variously labelled irresponsible, ill-conceived and unfair
08 August 2017

6 tips for good suturing

Expert advice and pictures for those who want to improve their technique
11 July 2017

Tired trainees risk their lives after work

More than half have had a car accident on the way home
11 July 2017

GP stripped of licence for molesting patients

But he says he will appeal against the tribunal’s decision
28 June 2017

What drives a patient to sue their doctor?

It’s not what most people think, says expert
27 June 2017

Suspended GP continued to see married patient

That was after he had an affair with the woman, a tribunal heard
14 June 2017

Flu protection could start at the nose

Researchers explain why a yearly shot may soon be a thing of the past
05 June 2017

Are medical graduates really work-ready?

New findings raise the question of whether the internship model is working
05 June 2017

Killer worm's spit supercharges healing

The plan is to develop it into a cream to treat diabetic wounds
26 May 2017

6 tips for becoming a ‘doctor blogger’

This is the third and final post in our popular social media series
21 April 2017