Published Articles

'Work hardening' is failing registrars and patients, says AMA

A surgical registrar’s public denouncement of her training has sparked renewed debate on safe working hours.
06 February 2019

Aussie doctors face checks after fake doctor jailed in UK

The change comes after a Kiwi med school drop-out practised as a psychiatrist for 20 years.
21 November 2018

Dreaming of warm beer? Aussie GPs to be fast-tracked to work in UK

NHS England expands overseas recruitment drive to address GP shortages
30 August 2018

What one medical school has been doing to keep out women

It took action after a spike in successful female entrants
03 August 2018

GP fined $19k for not keeping up to date

He blames money problems and lack of support for his non-compliance
20 July 2017

When you should interrupt your patient

Expert provides useful pointers for when the conversation goes off-course
16 March 2017

What teenagers really want from their GP

Tips to better prepare doctors for addressing their ‘unmet needs’
15 March 2017

Where junior doctors go for answers

The days when they would consult a dog-eared copy of MIMS for clinical information are long gone
30 April 2016