Published Articles

GP struck off for putting ineligible patients into clinical trials

The UK doctor said he wanted to keep his reputation as a 'good recruiter'.
13 February 2019

Aussie doctors raise alarm over use of unethical research

Macquarie University researchers say papers in English-language journals have used research on organs from executed Chinese prisoners.
06 February 2019

US doctor banned for recommending 'pot cookies' for four-year-old

The Hollywood physician advised the boy's father to give himĀ marijuana cookies to control temper tantrums.
30 January 2019

China rebukes doctor over gene-editing as second pregnancy confirmed

Professor He Jiankui 'deliberately evaded oversight' to seek fame, reports investigating team.
22 January 2019

WHO facing claims of fraud and racism

Funds earmarked for Ebola crisis spent on employee's girlfriend, anonymous emails claim.
21 January 2019

'Monstrous' experiment: Aussie experts condemn gene-edited babies

Australians join international outcry over reports twin baby girls had their genome altered.
27 November 2018

Racism from GPs and nurses common, reveals small indigenous survey

Online poll of 120 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people shows two-thirds put off seeking treatment due to discrimination.
13 November 2018

Doctor faces prosecution over euthanasia

Dutch physician should have checked whether the woman 'still had a death wish'.
12 November 2018

Ever wondered who makes your sterile gloves?

New report says modern-day slavery is common in surgical equipment factories.
09 November 2018

'My job isn't to judge': Doctor speaks of saving shooting suspect's life

Watch the viral interview with the doctor who treated the man alleged to have killed 11 people.
01 November 2018