Published Articles

Women’s health groups threaten to sue Trump

'We’re resolved to fight back on all fronts,’ they say
07 June 2017

What's your legal risk if you help in an emergency?

Lawyer offers peace of mind for good Samaritan doctors
06 June 2017

Hikes in premiums blamed on government

It is accused of 'unpicking' medical indemnity support for doctors
24 January 2017

'Doctor shopping' used by insurers

Their aim was to deny injured workers care and avoid paying out
21 September 2016

5 things you need to know about the NDIS

Some useful tips to help your patients navigate the new system
02 July 2016

9 tips for handling patient complaints

A simple guide on what to do and what not to do
29 June 2016

GPs say no to compo cases

They are too busy to deal with the red tape and it’s not worth the hassle
06 February 2016

Aussie doctors push back on compo cases

They’re costly and take up too much time, GPs say
26 January 2016

Mandatory health insurance urgently needed: report

University says funding and service models are failing about one quarter of the population
17 November 2015

Ley defends insurance proposal for smokers

She says doctors are getting as much say as insurers in the debate
10 November 2015