Published Articles

GP struck off for putting ineligible patients into clinical trials

The UK doctor said he wanted to keep his reputation as a 'good recruiter'.
13 February 2019

Aussie doctors raise alarm over use of unethical research

Macquarie University researchers say papers in English-language journals have used research on organs from executed Chinese prisoners.
06 February 2019

5 types of insomnia identified

Researchers uncover different types of insomnia, which will help make treatments more targeted.
25 January 2019

Coeliac disease vaccine trial underway

Proof-of-concept trial will determine if the therapy can prevent the need for gluten-free diet.
31 October 2018

Nobel Prize in medicine awarded to 'landmark' cancer researchers

Their immune system work led to the creation of improved therapies.
02 October 2018

New tool reveals cancer risk by suburb

Country areas have higher rates of cancer than city cousins.
25 September 2018

Ig Nobel Prize handed out: Self-colonoscopy anyone?

Plus, cannibal calories and dislodging kidneys stones by roller-coaster - all in the name of science.
17 September 2018

11 projects that will look at improving GP care

Research on chlamydia, COPD and social media part of $200m medical research package
13 August 2018

The science behind made-in-the-lab lungs

There was no infection or rejected when tested on four pigs
06 August 2018

Using fart spray in medical training

It teaches students how to maintain focus in adversity
13 July 2018