Published Articles

Time for a radical rethink on surgical training?

Medical trainees pick up better skills when surgery is taught as a 'hobby', shows study.
12 February 2019

Skeleton in the closet? Here's how to get rid of your med school relics

Doctors advised not to sell their human skeletons on eBay as a Halloween prop
30 October 2018

Medical students now selected on EQ as well as IQ

Bond University is using psychometric testing to evaluate kindness and communication skills
10 August 2018

What one medical school has been doing to keep out women

It took action after a spike in successful female entrants
03 August 2018

Using fart spray in medical training

It teaches students how to maintain focus in adversity
13 July 2018

More flexibility not the answer to young doctors’ woes

Strict shift arrangements seem to work better
23 March 2018

Study shows how bad internship is for mental health

Researchers used activity trackers to record sleep, stress and excercise
19 March 2018