Published Articles

5 fast facts on My Health Record opt-outs

Almost a million have opted out, but those numbers are lower than expected.
18 September 2018

Funds are rising, so why aren't mental health rates falling?

Successive Australian governments have increased their spending on mental health over the last few decades, but when the rate of mental illness isn’t going down, we need to step back and ask why?
28 June 2018

8 tips for navigating NDIS paperwork

A useful guide for GPs on the disability scheme
08 January 2018

Why serial no-show patients are a worry

Patients missing multiple appointments should be interpreted as a warning sign requiring follow-up, according to a study of more than half a million people.
06 December 2017

Nurse walk-in centres hurting GPs

Do they really cost the government $188 per visit?
20 November 2017

Has Medicare freeze really turned patients away?

ABS report shows how the public has reacted
16 November 2017

33 new MBS items make the A-list

Heart disease, epilepsy and stroke patients are set to benefit
01 November 2017

House and car packages fail to cut the mustard

Rural life for GPs remains unattractive despite government incentives
11 October 2017

Can one hour of exercise a week prevent depression?

Just one hour of exercise a week seems to prevent depression, an Australian study suggests.
04 October 2017