Published Articles

7 tips for opioids and managing non-cancer pain

New guide aims to help doctors navigate the challenges of opioid use among patients.
11 February 2019

5 times it's okay to prescribe short-course antibiotics

Many shorter courses of treatment work just as well as longer ones for common illnesses, says expert.
31 January 2019

How often is penicillin allergy misdiagnosed?

Doctors can try skin prick testing and oral penicillin under observation to check.
18 January 2019

6 medication 'do not dos' for GPs

Latest Choosing Wisely recommendations include review of older patients on more than five meds.
12 December 2018

Where are GPs most likely to prescribe antibiotics to kids?

In some regions of Australia, prescription rates are 16 times higher than the lowest rates.
12 December 2018

Are doctors overprescribing statins?

Study shows risks outweigh benefits for many taking the drugs for primary prevention.
07 December 2018

PPI co-therapy cuts risk of anticoagulant-related upper GI bleeds

Large US study also finds some NOACs increase risk of bleed more than others.
05 December 2018

Here are the top 10 drugs prescribed in Australia

Statins and antihypertensives top the list of most common scripts.
30 November 2018

Alert over MS drug that can worsen disability when stopped

The FDA has urged doctors to monitor patients who cease fingolimod.
23 November 2018

Doctors' last-ditch drug choice saves patient with status asthmaticus

The patient had already been given prednisone for eight days.
20 November 2018