Published Articles

How a chat and a cuppa with a consultant cuts complaints

Including doctors in bereavement meetings following a patient's death in hospital helps reduce complaints and litigation: UK study.
04 February 2019

GP convicted of sexual assault

The patient covertly recorded a conversation between the two during a follow-up consultation.
01 February 2019

Victorian cancer 'healer' slapped with ban

Black salve practitioner now barred from making or compounding any substances claimed to cure cancer.
25 January 2019

Doctor charged with forging prescriptions

Police allege he accessed the records of patients to write scripts for himself.
18 January 2019

Turnbull's diet guru remains suspended

Chinese medicine practitioner seeking an end to his suspension over the death of a patient.
11 January 2019

Patient found guilty of attempting to murder GP with a crossbow

The UK doctor described how he pulled the bolt out of his own stomach.
11 January 2019

Doctor could have prevented toddler's death by taking tests: coroner

The 17-month-old died of sepsis a day after being discharged from hospital.
05 December 2018

'I made a mistake': Doctor says sorry over toddler's death

Boy was discharged from NSW South Coast hospital but died the next day from sepsis.
22 November 2018

GP practice partner found guilty of voyeurism

The British doctor maintained his innocence throughout the trial
25 July 2018

GP accused of secretly filming patients

A British court heard he had 19,000 images on his laptop
20 July 2018