Published Articles

The two best diets for heart disease prevention

Researchers compare Mediterranean and vegetarian approaches
27 February 2018

Proof that diet has a major impact on mental health

Randomised controlled trial shows a casual effect
12 December 2017

Mediterranean diet only benefits the rich

Why cardiovascular advantages are confined to high SES groups
04 August 2017

Setting the record straight on dietary fat

A major review of all the evidence should be the last word on the subject
16 June 2017

8 diet myths - busted!

Should you eat before a workout? Are ketogenic diets are better than others?
08 April 2017

Another reason to go Mediterranean

Scientists say the diet makes good cholesterol work better
15 February 2017

Mediterranean diet can beat depression

Study suggests the possibility of dietitians joining mental health care teams
01 February 2017

Mediterranean diet halts cognitive decline

Attention, memory, and language are all positively improved
16 August 2016

Controversial cardiologist crowdsources film

He argues the success of the Mediterranean diet is based on more than just food
29 October 2015

Vegan and vegetarian diets: a paradigm shift

Research has consistently shown that vegetarians, and particularly vegans, are leaner than their meat-eating counterparts
22 July 2015