Published Articles

Scientists hail first melanoma blood test

But some experts are not ready to celebrate yet
17 July 2018

Keeping up with melanoma apps

Some are set to surpass the average doctor in diagnostic ability
09 May 2018

Try the new melanoma test that predicts risk

You can trial it yourself here
06 March 2018

Who is Australia's typical non-melanoma skin cancer patient?

Scientists find the vast majority of cases come from a small group of people
13 October 2017

How to identify atypical melanomas

The ABCD rule for the diagnosis of early malignant melanoma is set to be extended, with experts recommending the addition of EFG (elevated, firm and growing) to the criteria.
06 October 2017

The melanoma mystery remains

Testing for gene mutations is not helpful, study finds
11 August 2017

Court clears GP of breaching duty of care

But he did misdiagnose a malignant melanoma as a plantar wart
07 August 2017

Psoriasis cream improves pre-cancerous skin lesions

Combined with a chemotherapy ointment, it triggers a powerful immune response
24 November 2016

Risk factors key to catching melanoma

A useful guide to improve the identification and treatment
12 November 2016