Published Articles

Fatty acids fuel prostate cancer: study

Men who consume more saturated fatty acids seem to have more aggressive cancer, say researchers.
07 February 2019

Semen injections for back pain? Things did not go swimmingly

This is toxic masculinity at its most literal.
18 January 2019

Patient blinded after overdosing on sildenafil

The man who consumed 10 times the recommended dose has ongoing eye problems.
15 January 2019

Investigate sperm quality in recurrent miscarriage

Research adds to a growing body of evidence suggesting sperm health dictates the health of a pregnancy.
07 January 2019

Prostate cancer therapy linked to heart failure

Risk of heart failure was 72% higher in those treated with ADT compared with those who weren't.
10 December 2018

This new tool helps prostate cancer patients decide on treatment

The online program can tell them what other men have opted to do.
21 November 2018

Now men can get a testes exam without all that awkward eye contact

Kiwis invent world's first 'auto ball-checker' for the shy male patient.
16 November 2018

Why being an older dad is risky for babies and mums

Preconception care isn't just for women, study says.
01 November 2018

Joke with blokes: how to ask male patients about urinary symptoms

'Are you the one holding up the urinal queue at the footy?'
15 August 2018

Yes, men get post-coital blues too

One in five men are afflicted with an inexplicable sadness after sex
30 July 2018