Published Articles

Australia gets a ‘fail’ on mental health report card

Sobering results challenge traditional approaches such as GP support
08 August 2017

Paediatrician struck off for child pornography

He used military grade software to avoid detection
21 July 2017

10 useful pointers for treating anxiety

The approach should be similar to managing blood pressure
10 July 2017

Aussie paediatrician resurfaces in propaganda video

He is holding a machine gun and berating Muslims who aren’t terrorists
05 July 2017

UK doctors choking under the pressure

A cap on locum’s pay would be the straw that breaks the camel’s back
20 June 2017

Patient loses suicide case against hospital

But it did breach its duty of care, says appeal court
20 June 2017

Insomnia definitely not just psychological

Seven risk genes have been found to prove it
15 June 2017

Rating scales no good for predicting suicide

Doctors are being advised to use their own judgement instead
04 April 2017

Why older doctors want to keep working

Findings suggest they need help to transition to retirement
20 March 2017

Woman with anorexia dies with parents’ blessing

Her decision to refuse force-feeding was supported by family and doctors
24 February 2017