Published Articles

Ministry of Loneliness needed to tackle isolation

Some may scoff, but the proposal has merit, as Australia needs a more community focus, says AMA.
18 February 2019

Black Saturday's damage lives on in kids' academic progress

Ten years on from Black Saturday, there’s some bad news regarding its long-term effect on children.
06 February 2019

Young-onset type 2 diabetes patients spend more time in hosptial

Being diagnosed under 40 is also linked to a greater risk of serious mental illness.
15 January 2019

10-minute online tool checks cognition in depression

Aussie-developed simple tool can tell if those with major depression have cognitive dysfunction.
13 December 2018

History: That time a doctor murdered a king to make the morning papers

Part II in a series looking at all the times monarchs have been royally screwed by death and disease.
14 November 2018

Facebook successfully picks depressed patients

Use of more first-person pronouns were one of the indicators.
18 October 2018

Could restless legs lead to suicide?

Study shows there's a correlation between the syndrome and suicidal ideation.
17 October 2018

Hugging is good for you, study shows

Receive a hug one day and the good vibes last until the next day.
11 October 2018

Omega-3s may help ease anxiety

Supplement is a 'promising alternative' for those not responding to traditional treatment.
24 September 2018

Check your patients with depression for signs of arthritis

The more depressed the patient, the more likely they are to have the rheumatoid condition.
20 September 2018