Published Articles

Using drones to save lives

Expensive gimmick of futuristic lifesaver? This ambulance drone comes with an inbuilt defibrillator. We love it, but what do you think?
18 November 2014

Uncertainty over value of beta-blockers

Studies raise questions about traditional management of myocardial infarction patients after discharge from hospital
13 November 2014

Having a heart is good for the heart

Study found forgiveness may be a feasible clinical intervention for patients with coronary artery disease.
26 September 2014

Clarithromycin caution

The jury is still out on the absolute risk of cardiac death on clarithromycin
21 August 2014

Weather link to back pain a lot of hot air

Large Australian study disproves previously held beliefs
11 July 2014

Fairer sex discriminated against in CVD

Women face sex discrimination when it comes to cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment in Australia, new studies have shown.
08 May 2014

A bowl of cereal helps ward off MI

Heart attack survivors have a greater chance of living longer if they increase their intake of dietary fibre, a study shows.
08 May 2014

Women falling behind in MI prevention

Women who survive an initial heart attack are struggling to make the lifestyle changes needed to prevent a second one, warns a prominent Australian heart expert.
28 March 2014