Published Articles

Chronic migraine more than just a total pain

Yet more evidence has found a positive relationship between migraines and depression and anxiety.
20 October 2017

8 tips for treating chronic headache

The tension-type is best managed with tricyclic antidepressants
15 August 2017

How to forecast a migraine

Pain medicine specialists explain the process
13 July 2017

Why migraine needs a new treatment approach

New evidence suggests the current regimen is lacking
03 May 2017

Fragranced products causing untold misery

Adverse health effects have reached epidemic proportions
09 March 2017

Migraines linked to stroke post-surgery

The risk is highest for those who experience aura
12 January 2017

Bacteria in mouth linked to migraines

Study may explain why certain foods act as triggers
20 October 2016

Silver lining for migraine sufferers

Researchers find one upside to the condition
29 June 2016

Melatonin shows promise for migraine

The supplement is as effective as amitriptyline and is better tolerated
08 June 2016