Published Articles

Diabetes a pain in the neck? This may be why

Aussie research confirms diabetes patients have more spinal pain.
22 February 2019

Semen injections for back pain? Things did not go swimmingly

This is toxic masculinity at its most literal.
18 January 2019

Study backing exercise for chronic fatigue withdrawn

But researchers say the decision is 'poorly justified'.
18 October 2018

Which drug should be used first for chronic sciatica?

When two drugs were compared, one delivered better pain relief with fewer side effects.
17 October 2018

5 reasons to stop prescribing vitamin D for bones

Supplementation doesn't prevent fractures, falls or improve bone density.
05 October 2018

Antidepressant value in back pain unclear

But it's still an option worth considering in some patients, says researcher.
05 October 2018

Two paralysed people walk again with electrodes implant

Experimental treatment uses device in spine and intense physical therapy.
25 September 2018

Boys want to muscle up - at age six

Body dissatisfaction starts at a young age
10 August 2018

Wowsers are more delicate than drinkers

Study shows people who don’t drink take more time off work.
06 June 2018

Which musculoskeletal problem affects most Aussies?

Almost seven million people have musculoskeletal conditions in Australia and more than half of them are under 60 years of age.
02 November 2017