GP-led back pain education of no benefit: study

Australian researchers say intensive patient education is no better than placebo.
07 November 2018

Check your patients with depression for signs of arthritis

The more depressed the patient, the more likely they are to have the rheumatoid condition.
20 September 2018

Sleep disorder linked to gout

Consider the condition in all patients with sleep apnoea regardless of BMI.
11 September 2018

Call to reduce joint replacement surgery

The number of Australians having joint replacements to treat osteoarthritis is growing at an "unsustainable" rate despite evidence showing an estimated one in four don't need the surgery, say musculoskeletal experts.
07 February 2018

Statins and tendon ruptures: Australians end speculation

They report that in some cases therapy may even be protective
15 February 2016

Pain sufferers may benefit from a tipple

Regular consumption of alcohol is linked to lower disability in patients with chronic pain
22 July 2015

Erectile dysfunction in gout a mounting problem

Male patients should be routinely screened for the condition, US researchers say
06 May 2015

Spider venom the future of painkillers

Funding boost could usher in new drugs to manage neuropathic and osteoarthritic pain
10 November 2014