Published Articles

Why being an older dad is risky for babies and mums

Preconception care isn't just for women, study says.
01 November 2018

A box is no place for a baby: SIDS experts

Here's why it's not a good idea for parents to use a cardboard box as a cot
19 October 2018

The surprising connection between breastfed babies and stress

There's more to it than just breastmilk, according to study.
28 September 2018

Warning over home baby monitors

Two commercially available monitors miss low oxygen saturations
22 August 2018

British nurse held on suspicion of infant murders

She is in custody while police search her home in North West England
05 July 2018

Study reveals selection bias in treating premature babies

Extremely premature babies born at 23 weeks gestation are managed differently to those born at 24 and 25 weeks gestation, according to research that reveals selection bias and several disparities in treatment.
20 June 2018

9 fast facts on fetal alcohol spectrum disorder

Half of Australian women will experience an unplanned pregnancy, leaving the chance of alcohol-exposed pregnancies very high, according to the AMA.
09 February 2018