Published Articles

Doctor suspended over patient pregnancy in long-term care facility

Police also arrested a nurse on 'serious charges' including sexual assault of a vulnerable patient.
25 January 2019

Nurse suspended over insulin theft

The drug were taken 'on impulse' for her father, so that he could use them in China.
21 January 2019

British nurse held on suspicion of infant murders

She is in custody while police search her home in North West England
05 July 2018

Call to keep nurses in aged care

Warning that GPs will bear the brunt of proposed staffing changes
07 May 2016

Nurse barred over relationship with teenage patient

He has admitted to kissing and hugging the girl and his registration has been cancelled for 36 months
11 December 2015

Nurse’s procrastination ends badly

A committee has found she neglected to call a doctor for a dying patient
02 December 2015

Hospital workers need better washing instructions

Their uniforms are a significant source of hospital acquired infection, even after washing, say microbiologists
01 April 2015

Healthcare is still a man's world

"Female GPs are getting a particularly bum deal by having to endure a 25% gender pay gap. Ouch!"
27 March 2015

Gastroenterologists push back against nurse endoscopies

Their peak body wants to halt roll-out, but state health department disagrees
30 January 2015

Aussie male nurses a sickly lot

But they don’t seem to mind being fundamentally unhealthy, report researchers
21 January 2015