Published Articles

Hot tea warning: cuppa linked to cancer

Morning beverage could up risk of oesophageal cancer if it's above 60 degrees, say researchers.
21 March 2019

WHO targets for sodium and potassium intake 'unrealistic': study

Boosting potassium levels and consuming a moderate amount of salt is best, say researchers.
20 March 2019

Move over meds: Are healthy food scripts the future of chronic care?

'I'd much rather prescribe a cucumber over a pharmaceutical any day,' says primary care doctor.
20 March 2019

New study whips up debate over egg consumption

Moderation advised after study finds link with CVD, but some say it's a beat-up.
18 March 2019

Row erupts over teen weight-loss trial

Children's hospital study puts 'teenagers through a gruelling and prolonged semi-starvation experiment', says eating disorders expert.
14 March 2019

Prebiotics may be beneficial in type 2 diabetes

US research suggests they reduce inflammatory and metabolic biomarkers in women with the disease.
07 March 2019

Why GPs should advise diabetes patients to go nuts for nuts

Regular servings of walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts and cashews lowers their risk of CVD, study shows.
21 February 2019

Top doctor calls for omega-3 to be listed on PBS

Obstetrician Professor Julie Quinlivan says the move will help the most vulnerable pregnant women access the right intervention.
18 February 2019

Eating meat may raise risk of non-fatty liver disease

Study shows people with NAFLD get more of their total calories from animal protein.
13 February 2019

Is skipping breakfast best for losing weight?

Those who drop the morning meal are nearly half a kilo lighter, researchers say.
31 January 2019