Published Articles

Why GPs should advise diabetes patients to go nuts for nuts

Regular servings of walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts and cashews lowers their risk of CVD, study shows.
21 February 2019

Top doctor calls for omega-3 to be listed on PBS

Obstetrician Professor Julie Quinlivan says the move will help the most vulnerable pregnant women access the right intervention.
18 February 2019

Eating meat may raise risk of non-fatty liver disease

Study shows people with NAFLD get more of their total calories from animal protein.
13 February 2019

Is skipping breakfast best for losing weight?

Those who drop the morning meal are nearly half a kilo lighter, researchers say.
31 January 2019

Soluble fibre may improve glucose control

About a tablespoon of a supplement would help people with type 2 diabetes, says researcher.
25 January 2019

Just how unhealthy are fish and chips?

Eating fried foods regularly raises risk of early death in women over 50, say researchers.
24 January 2019

6 reasons to stop suggesting supplements

Doctors have recommended fish oil and multivitamins 'for years' without evidence to support it: JAMA.
11 January 2019

Which diet is best - 5:2 or calorie counting?

Compliance to intermittent fasting wanes over time, say researchers.
27 November 2018

New blood test may monitor coeliac disease

Need for endoscopy may be avoided with assay that also detects mucosal healing, researchers say.
19 November 2018

Which diet is best for keeping the weight off?

Diet composition does count: those eating fewer carbs burn more energy, researchers say.
15 November 2018