Published Articles

Ready-to-eat meals linked to greater risk of dying

Eating more ultra-processed foods such as preserved meats could mean early death: study.
12 February 2019

Be on the lookout for chubby bubbies

Early weight gain in the under-twos puts them at higher risk of future cardiometabolic disease: study.
07 February 2019

Millennials face increased cancer rates because of obesity crisis

Trends in young adults is a sentinel for future disease burden, says expert.
05 February 2019

Kidney function worsens as obesity rises

Even in those without kidney disease, excess weight impacts the organ, a study shows.
31 January 2019

Rotting teeth aren't a good look, health campaign tells teens

Big beverage brands are bombarding young people with 'sweet deals', say Rethink Sugary Drink.
23 January 2019

New toolkit launches to help GPs manage obesity

Patient trust in GPs could be the 'missing link' in weight loss management, says GP researcher.
18 December 2018

Here's the top 16 ways to cut obesity in Australia

Alcohol tax tops the list, as researchers aim to make obesity prevention a key health priority.
12 December 2018

Should you try the new way of assessing children's weight?

BMI just as good as new measure for predicting long-term outcomes.
15 October 2018

Teens vs parents: who's fitter, taller, fatter?

A unique study puts the two generations head to head - or gut to gut.
21 September 2018