Published Articles

Natural approach not always best with miscarriage

Study suggests medical management is as effective as surgical options.
19 February 2019

Top doctor calls for omega-3 to be listed on PBS

Obstetrician Professor Julie Quinlivan says the move will help the most vulnerable pregnant women access the right intervention.
18 February 2019

Why regularly weighing pregnant patients is important

Asking mums-to-be to step on the scales delivers weight-related positives.
15 February 2019

4 signs of pregnancy-related anxiety

New screening tool aims to identify women also at risk of postnatal anxiety and depression.
29 January 2019

History: In search of the wandering womb

Where the wild wombs are: the ancient Greeks called it 'an animal within an animal'.
16 January 2019

Police release audio detailing how staff dealt with baby of patient in a coma

The woman had been in a vegetative state for almost 10 years.
14 January 2019

Investigate sperm quality in recurrent miscarriage

Research adds to a growing body of evidence suggesting sperm health dictates the health of a pregnancy.
07 January 2019

Consider abuse in emergency contraceptive consults

Inquiries about emergency contraception could flag a deeper problem, researchers warn.
12 December 2018

Long-term study finds vitamin D link with schizophrenia

Ensuring pregnant women have enough of the vitamin may prevent cases, researchers say.
07 December 2018

Metformin in pregnancy 'doesn't harm child'

NZ study gives doctors and patients 'important information' on treating gestational diabetes.
04 December 2018