Published Articles

World-first gene therapy for AMD a 'tremendous breakthrough'

UK doctors have successfully detached a retina and injected a solution containing a virus underneath it.
19 February 2019

Patient blinded after overdosing on sildenafil

The man who consumed 10 times the recommended dose has ongoing eye problems.
15 January 2019

Statins may protect against diabetic retinopathy

And disease progression was slower in those taking the cholesterol drug, study shows.
14 January 2019

Doctor's handwritten script leads to unusual erectile dysfunction mix-up

Prescribers encouraged to use block capitals when handwriting scripts.
10 January 2019

History: The ophthalmological disorder that made da Vinci a boss

His artistic eye had hidden depths, researchers reveal.
12 December 2018

Doctors closing the gap: 5 wins for eye health

There are improvements, but more still needs to be done to stay on track, expert says.
20 November 2018

Cataract surgery: why older doctors are still smooth operators

Being in a later career stage isn't associated with an increased risk of complications, study finds.
25 October 2018

All eyes on cataracts to reduce crash risk

The surgery in senior drivers is tied to lower car accident risk and costs.
15 October 2018

Spot the reason this chiro patient's vision went haywire

Got a patient with a headache? High-velocity chiropractic thrusts to the neck appear to NOT be the solution.
02 October 2018

History: The 100-year-old test for colour blindness

Did you know it was designed for military use?
29 August 2018