Published Articles

Rotting teeth aren't a good look, health campaign tells teens

Big beverage brands are bombarding young people with 'sweet deals', say Rethink Sugary Drink.
23 January 2019

Edentulism linked to hypertension in postmenopausal women

The risk is higher in women under 60, a study finds.
12 December 2018

Why BP patients may need a trip to the dentist

Gum disease affects hypertension medications, study shows.
26 October 2018

Smile - study puts pregnancy myth to bed

The saying 'a tooth a child' is not true 
31 July 2018

Watch those drug holidays for fracture risk

Experts urge caution with temporarily ceasing bisphosphonate therapy
07 May 2018

Dentist jailed for 'horrific and systemic' sex abuse

An elderly former NSW dentist who hypnotised and sexually assaulted young patients in the 1980s has been jailed for at least eight years.
12 January 2018

Name this condition

Hint: It’s a relatively common skin growth
17 January 2017

British GPs inundated with dental patients

They can’t cope with the demand and and can only treat the symptoms
16 September 2016

Young dentists earn more than young doctors

But medical graduates are more likely to get a job
20 May 2016