Published Articles

US ups the ante on organ transplants

Doctors are reporting success with donors who were previously deemed unsuitable
17 January 2017

The Dutch up the ante on organ donation

If the draft bill becomes law, everyone is a potential donor unless they opt out
15 September 2016

Successful penis transplant performed

Doctors say the man's new penis is now fully functional after a nine hour operation in December
16 March 2015

Organ donation in the family’s hands

Families of potential organ donors are a stumbling block to improving rates
02 March 2015

Newborn donor a medical ‘milestone’

Her kidneys have been used for a transplant but guidelines make it very difficult for donors to be identified
22 January 2015

Girl accidentally injected with glue

A girl whose brain was accidentally injected with glue during treatment at a London hospital is to receive a multimillion-dollar damages payout.
31 January 2014

A novel way to find a kidney donor

A Tennessee woman has paid for a massive billboard to advertise her desperate plea to find a kidney donor for her beloved husband of more than 30 years.
21 January 2014