Published Articles

Which are the most sexist surgical specialties?

Female surgeons in the UK report ‘boys club’ barriers and discrimination in surgical careers.
08 January 2019

ACL injuries soar in under-25s

Reconstruction rates in Australia are now the highest in the world
20 April 2018

How did low back treatment go so wrong?

Too many patients with low back pain are receiving the wrong care, according to a series of Lancet papers that highlight the extent to which the condition is mistreated, often against best practice guidelines.
21 March 2018

Call to reduce joint replacement surgery

The number of Australians having joint replacements to treat osteoarthritis is growing at an "unsustainable" rate despite evidence showing an estimated one in four don't need the surgery, say musculoskeletal experts.
07 February 2018

Forget physiotherapy for sprained ankles

Basic self management should suffice
18 November 2016

Spot diagnosis

Hint: The patient had been in a motorcycle accident resulting in skin abrasions to the left knee five years before presentation
27 May 2016

Man told to exercise his hand inside his belly

It has been saved from amputation after a degloving accident and placed in a soft-tissue pouch
08 April 2016