Published Articles

What's hot and what's not in osteoarthritis

10 things you can do and 10 things you shouldn't, according to the RACGP
07 December 2017

Knee osteoarthritis theory turned on its head

Researchers say current thinking is flawed
05 December 2017

Opioid scripts for osteoarthritis soar despite lack of evidence

They are prescribed in 20% of GP encounters for hip OA
28 November 2017

Which musculoskeletal problem affects most Aussies?

Almost seven million people have musculoskeletal conditions in Australia and more than half of them are under 60 years of age.
02 November 2017

Fixing osteoarthritis with diet and exercise

Experts explain why it’s not simply a ‘wear and tear’ disease
16 May 2017

Ease up on fats for healthier cartilage

High-fat, high-carb diet a cause of osteoarthritis, study shows
20 April 2017

Is this the final word on weather and joint pain?

George Institute studies 1350 Australians to find out the truth
11 January 2017

Can a curry spice alleviate arthritis symptoms?

Systematic review looks at the evidence for turmeric extracts
10 December 2016

Myth? Changes in the weather play havoc with arthritic pain

Variation in temperature, air humidity and barometric pressure have been blamed
12 November 2016

Controversial OTC treatment makes a comeback

It’s time to resurrect the combination drug, according to findings that contravene RACGP guidelines
23 February 2016