Published Articles

Changing tack on gout and fracture risk

Largest study to date includes tens of thousands of cases
17 May 2018

New thinking on bone density tests

A single measurement is even more telling than previously thought
22 July 2017

Guidelines updated for managing osteoporosis

Treatment should last five years, according to the latest advice
10 May 2017

8 medicines that increase the risk of falls

A heads-up on which ones may need regular reviewing
26 January 2017

Is this the final word on vit D?

Ongoing trial results are unlikely to alter the latest conclusions, say scientists
25 November 2016

Which drug treatment for osteoporosis?

Head-to-head study pits denosumab against zoledronic acid
28 October 2016

Anabolic therapy a winner for osteoporosis

The novel drug provides consistent protection against fractures in menopausal women
21 September 2016

New standard to improve hip fracture care

Patients should start moving around the day after surgery
13 September 2016

Osteoporosis: a missed condition

The signs often go unspotted, endocrinologists say
15 August 2016