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Spot diagnosis

An irregular menstrual cycle signals an increased risk for which cancer?
03 May 2017

Spot diagnosis

This rash indicates a malignancy - which one?
26 January 2017

'Catastrophic' cannabis trial ends in disaster

A former GP has been referred to police over the ‘ill-conceived’ experiment
29 October 2016

Another reason not to douche

The practice is now linked to ovarian cancer
14 September 2016

Pill credited for drop in ovarian cancer

A large decrease in death rates was seen in Australia and New Zealand
07 September 2016

Cancer patient wins $70m talcum powder case

The manufacturer is facing more than 1000 similar lawsuits
06 May 2016

Controversy follows talcum powder cancer case

An ovarian cancer link is tenuous and the US court decision to award damages is ‘flawed’, says a cancer epidemiology expert
26 February 2016

Beta-blockers show anti-cancer properties

Investigators uncover a dramatic survival advantage they say warrants further analysis
26 August 2015

GPs failing ovarian cancer patients

Cancer group says women are frustrated at the long timeframes leading to diagnosis
11 May 2015

A detailed family history can prevent heartbreak: surgeon

Doctors can make an important difference for patients at risk of ovarian cancer
02 March 2015