Published Articles

Oxycodone deaths on the rise in Australia

Study finds many deaths are the result of patients mixing drugs for pain relief rather than to get high
21 November 2014

Phenacetin ban proves beneficial

Rates of renal pelvis cancer more than halved for women over 25 year period
02 September 2014

Prescription opioid use escalating

New strategies are urgently needed to manage the dramatic spike in prescription opioid use, say authorities, with oxycodone leading the trend.
01 July 2014

Questions raised over tamper-proof oxycodone

Tamper-proof oxycodone may not be having the desired effect as evidence emerges that patients are turning to alternative opioids.
05 June 2014

‘Fossil pharming’ sees elderly go doctor shopping

The black market demand for the opioid analgesic oxycodone is so strong that pensioners are being encouraged to get them under false pretenses from their GP, it has been reported.
18 March 2014