Published Articles

Top doctor slams anti-vax stance of NRL player's wife

Celebrities are often 'not equipped' to give health advice, which could threaten the lives of children, says AMA president.
14 February 2019

Be on the lookout for chubby bubbies

Early weight gain in the under-twos puts them at higher risk of future cardiometabolic disease: study.
07 February 2019

Black Saturday's damage lives on in kids' academic progress

Ten years on from Black Saturday, there’s some bad news regarding its long-term effect on children.
06 February 2019

Doctors can help stressed students

Youth so anxious they 'can't hand in work, are losing sleep, missing classes', says GP.
25 January 2019

Vaccine linked to drop in paediatric type 1 diabetes

Oral rotavirus vaccine given to infants may have a protective effect, say Aussie researchers.
22 January 2019

When doctors explain privacy, teens raise more sensitive topics

Understanding confidentiality paves the way for more open discussions between adolescents and their doctors.
17 January 2019

GPs asked to consider probiotics in kids with abdominal pain

Probiotics get the thumbs-up from Cochrane in update of earlier review.
07 January 2019

5-point tool for doctors treating childhood cellulitis

Assessment score developed to decide whether to use IV or oral antibiotics.
07 January 2019

Why doctors should stroke babies

And why doing it at the right speed makes a difference.
21 December 2018

Where are GPs most likely to prescribe antibiotics to kids?

In some regions of Australia, prescription rates are 16 times higher than the lowest rates.
12 December 2018