Published Articles

7 tips for opioids and managing non-cancer pain

New guide aims to help doctors navigate the challenges of opioid use among patients.
11 February 2019

Gotta have faith: believing in physiotherapy makes it work better

Patients with shoulder pain heal faster if they have faith in their physio treatment: study.
31 January 2019

6 reasons to be cautious with medical cannabis

Physicians say the drug seems to hold some promise, but much more evidence is needed.
08 January 2019

Why doctors should stroke babies

And why doing it at the right speed makes a difference.
21 December 2018

Happy mind, happy tum for IBS patients

Largest RCT to date shows hypnotherapy works in group or individual setting.
26 November 2018

Nitroglycerin patches help tendon pain

Cut the dose if they cause headaches, doctor suggests.
15 November 2018

GP-led back pain education of no benefit: study

Australian researchers say intensive patient education is no better than placebo.
07 November 2018

Are thrill-seekers more tolerant to pain?

Adventurers may be better able to endure more painful medical procedures, shows study.
19 October 2018

Which drug should be used first for chronic sciatica?

When two drugs were compared, one delivered better pain relief with fewer side effects.
17 October 2018

Antidepressant value in back pain unclear

But it's still an option worth considering in some patients, says researcher.
05 October 2018