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Common shoulder operation lacks evidence

One of the most frequently performed orthopaedic procedures may be unnecessary for many patients
02 August 2018

Cannabis: not much chop for pain relief

A four-year study shows it doesn't work
03 July 2018

5 fast facts on pain and opioids

On an average day, 406,000 visits are made to a GP and one in five consultations involve a patient with chronic pain
21 June 2018

9 things to know about nutrition and pain

Dietary fats, in particular, can have a marked effect on management.
11 April 2018

It’s official: cannabis works

Conclusive evidence shows it is effective for several conditions
04 April 2018

9 need-to-knows for treating neuropathic pain

Helping patients with neuropathic pain is challenging given the limited efficacy of first-line medicines, says a leading pain medicine specialist.
21 February 2018

Specialists reject diazepam for low back pain

This advice is based on five new recommendations
14 February 2018