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How a chat and a cuppa with a consultant cuts complaints

Including doctors in bereavement meetings following a patient's death in hospital helps reduce complaints and litigation: UK study.
04 February 2019

Doctor faces prosecution over euthanasia

Dutch physician should have checked whether the woman 'still had a death wish'.
12 November 2018

5 signs of 'give-up-itis'

Bizarrely in the final stages, people can appear to make a miraculous recovery.
28 September 2018

6 tips for facilitating end-of-life talks

A useful guide on navigating a difficult topic
18 July 2018

AHPRA fails to investigate GP over terminal care

The doctor has had serious allegations made against him
21 June 2018

6 tips for protecting your elderly patients

Financial abuse by unscrupulous family members is on the rise, says lawyer
19 January 2018