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How long does the pertussis vax actually last?

Study involving close to 6000 people casts doubt over international practice
27 September 2016

Whooping cough hits 29 kids in single school

Western Australia’s AMA president says Perth outbreak is ‘extraordinary’
21 September 2016

18-month pertussis booster ready to roll in March

This is due to waning immunity and a spate of new infections among children
26 February 2016

Pertussis vax only good for a year: study

After that, protection wanes rapidly, raising questions about vaccination strategies
13 February 2016

8 useful facts about pertussis

This may help patients understand why they can still contract the illness despite being vaccinated
02 February 2016

Arthritis drug spurs hair growth

Suffering from alopecia universalis and plaque psoriasis, this 25 year-old man had almost no hair on his body until he was successfully treated with RA drug, tofacitinib citrate.
23 June 2014

Call to fund pertussis boosters in pregnancy

Australia will see more outbreaks of whooping cough unless more aggressive cocooning policies including funding of pertussis booster vaccinations for pregnant women are adopted, a paediatrician says.
26 March 2014