Published Articles

1 in 4 guideline authors have undisclosed links to drug companies

Those working on government-funded guidelines are much less likely to have undisclosed financial ties.
04 February 2019

Here are the top 10 drugs prescribed in Australia

Statins and antihypertensives top the list of most common scripts.
30 November 2018

Pros and cons of product familiarisation programs

There is no such thing as a free lunch in medicine
06 December 2017

Nurofen customers to share in $3.5m after class action

The manufacturer has apologised for misleading conduct
04 August 2017

Who's paying for lunch?

'It is time to forge much greater independence between drug companies and doctors'
05 July 2017

J&J ordered to pay woman $149 million

She claims she developed cancer after decades of using talcum powder
06 May 2017

Plans to move forward with Botox antidepressant

Despite patchy trial results the drug’s maker is pressing ahead
07 April 2017

Trump urged not to relax drug regulations

Experts say the proposed policy would threaten human health
11 March 2017

What really happens with post-marketing drug studies

New data obtained through freedom of information requests paint a worrying picture
16 February 2017

Online 'Dallas Buyers Club' promises medications, fast

The risk with such websites is that they inadvertently facilitate direct-to-consumer advertising
15 December 2016