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Two GPs share more than $100K in sponsorship deals

Big pharma spent $18 million in sponsorship between May and October last year, with specialists reaping the benefits of the industry’s largesse, an analysis shows.
07 March 2018

Why you should question aggressively promoted drugs

Tips for navigating the minefield of pharmaceutical promotion
06 May 2017

Industry-sponsored studies prone to bias

Cochrane review provides definitive evidence that results favour sponsor
21 February 2017

Tackling the problem of skewed research results

Trials with industry-funded researchers should be interpreted with caution
19 January 2017

Pfizer fined record amount for price gouging

The company intends to appeal the ruling
10 December 2016

Expensive drugs work better than cheap drugs: study

Researchers trick patients into different placebo responses based on the perceived expense treatments
02 February 2015